This low cut, fully vented design features Lorica and vented Nylon outer construction, a vencro and zipper closure system and the all new Sidi non-slip sole.


-All new Sidi non-slip sole.
-Composite inner sole.
-Low cut, fully vented design.
-DuPont polymer toe shift pad.
-Fully encapsulated heel cup.
-Ankle ball pad.
-Double stitched in all high stress areas.
-Velcro and zipper closure system.
-Removable arch support.
-Lorica and vented Nylon outer construction.
-Cambrelle lining

Non-Bootie Designs:

Sidi boots do not incorporate inner booties into their design, and for good reason. Booties make the design larger and cumbersome; add to the boot's thickness, which interferes with shifting, plus the inner booties retain body heat affecting the rider's performance and comfort.

Composite Inner Sole

The composite inner sole of Sidi boots resists side to side compression offering greater protection compared to the leather inner soles that our competitors use. The insole features a removable arch support and will never lose its dynamic characteristics, even after months of intense use; it is water resistant and is designed to withstand high footpeg pressures.

Generally speaking Sidi off road boots are always lighter than comparable off road models. 10-20% less weight is the norm, not the exception!

Retail Price: $225.00

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