A mid height boot that's equipped with a membrane to add a water resistant, yet breathable barrier between the elements and the rider's feet.


-Membrane equipped add a water resistant yet breathable barrier between the elements and the rider's feet.
-Lorica outer construction.
-Composite inner sole.
-Internal heel protection.
-Internal ankle protection.
-Internal toe protection.
-Zipper and Velcro closure system.
-Non-slip lug sole.
-Lorica toe shift pad.
-Double stitched in all high stress areas.
-Reflective heel panel.
-Thousand air cell padded shin area.
-Quilted calf area for comfort.
-Perforated Teflon treated nylon lining.
-A mid height boot.
-Removable arch support.


Each boot is lined throughout with lightweight perforated Teflon treated fabric in order to allow moisture to "breath" out to the Lorica outer and dry quickly with no mold build up in the long term. Additionally the inner ankle area of all Vertigo series boots are flly lined with Sidi's own formula of perforated closed thousand-air cell memory foam. A totally breathable lining system.

Composite Inner Sole

The composite inner sole of Sidi boots resists side to side compression offering greater protection compared to the leather inner soles that our competitors use. The insole features a removable arch support and will never lose its dynamic characteristics, even after months of intense use; it is water resistant and is designed to withstand high footpeg pressures.


Every Vertigo boots outer is fully constructed with Lorica. Lorica is a composite micro fiber material created from strands that are so fine, each one is less than one thousandth the thickness of silk. When injected with special resins, these fibers act like natural leather skin, but with the addition of better strength, softer texture, lighter weight and better moisture protection. Lorica is also highly resistant to abrasion – yet it still breathes – with more than three million pores per square centimeter. Easy to maintain, Lorica doesn't stain and can't be scratched and offers, reduced weight, more flexibility and more feel than leather racing boots.

Retail Price: $200.00

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